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Institution : CHN University

CHN’s goal is to prepare effective international managers for leadership responsibilities in a complex multicultural world and a fast changing marketplace.

CHN currently has 6,600 students from 60 different countries and employs 450 members otstaff. If you choose to study at CHN University Netherlands, you opt for a youthful, dynamic and entrepreneurial university It is a university that is sensitive to the challenges of our globalised world and fully committed to serving the communities in which it operates. Free from constraining age-old traditions, CHN University Netherlands is able to provide an innovative and fresh approach to the field of business and service management education. Today, every graduate is expected to have gained an understanding of intercultural encounters in his/her professional educational and training. As a business professional, they must be able to function effectively - both professionally and socially - in a multi-cultural and international environment.

CHN’s internationally-focused educational programmes and learning environment equip the student for these responsibilities. We offer the students an educational amosphere that is friendly but studious, challenging but relaxed.

In this truly international environment you can acquire the knowledge and develop the vision, professional skills and human qualities necessary to become a responsible and effective international business leader: a leader with vision and global perspective.

CHN education exposes you as much as possible to your future, professional work field. Gaining practical experience is all important element in your professional training. For this purpose the school offers a unique practical training facifities. Also external guests and companies use these facilities. Examples are Hotel Wyswert, the Congress & Event Organisation, Libema companies, or the Institute Service Management (ISM). Some companies for learning experiences are linked to a CHN institute. At ISM students of all programmes may acquire experience in commercial consultancy services and research. Experienced people from the work field coach the students. You are thus involved in real-life work activities as they actually exist in your field of professional practice.

CHN is housed in modern buildings and teaching facilities. With the renovation and expansion of the CHN Leeuwarden Campus in 2004, the educational facilities and the university’s interior are further enhanced and improved, including a contemporary and completely modernised library shaped as an amphitheatre, a special “Knowledge Boulevard” in the university with travel agency, wine-tasting, exposition room for art of students, a hair dresser and a Grand Cafe with terrace.

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