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Institution : Wageningen University

Agricultural education was first offered in Wageningen in 1876, and Wageningen University was founded in 1918. For almost a century it has been an important education and research centre in the plant, animal, environmental, agro-technological and social sciences. In recent decades it has evolved into one of the world’s leading centres in the life sciences and natural resource management. Its research and education are both international in scope and internationally renowned; the University also takes an important role in Dutch society.

Wageningen University is part of the Wageningen University and Research Centre consortium Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR) is a unique organisation that combines fundamental strategic and applied research with innovative education at BSc MSc and PhD levels. This extensive research base enables us to meet the urgent need for expertise in agriculture, the food industry and natural resource managemetit. Wageningen UR has a dual focus: food and the environment. Our scope encompasses the entire tood supply chain including agribusiness, non-food agricultural production, environmental issues and issues related to land use. Food safety, food quality, functional foods, and environment-related aspects of leisure are focus areas that have recently gained interest

Besides generating fundamental knowledge Wageningen UR sets great store in the dissemination of knowledge. We emphasise finding the right combinations of scientific insight and skills, including practical skills, which can lead to innovative applications. This goal is given shape by the close interaction between science society and busine To facilitate the integration of knowledge from the both University and research institutes, Wageningen UR is planning an innovative building complex that designed to stimulate innteraction between students, professors and researchers. One of the buildings, the Forum University Centre, will house all the student facilities and will be equipped with the latest ICT tools for exchanging and collecting knowledge. The first buildings will be ready for use in 2006. Finally Wagerungen UR strives to develope active frameworks of cooperation with other universities and research centres in the Netherlands and abroad

Facts and figures of Wageningen UR

Staff ............................... 7000 (incI. 170 professors)
MSc and PhD students ............5000
MSc students in 2003..............1339 (incl. 670 international MSc)
PhD graduates in 2002..............187 (incl. 91 international PhD) []