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Institution : Le Cordon Bleu - Paris

You will be able to explore the open air markets, enjoy a leisurely afternoon in a sidewalk café, take a midnight boat ride on the Seine, discover your own culinary finds from specialty shops to restaurants.

Le Cordon Bleu, a 100 years of culinary adventure ...
The legendary Parisian culinary academy is embarking upon its second century as a world renowned purveyor of l'Art Culinaire.
With a truly international presence, the schools in Paris, London, Ottawa, Tokyo, Sydney and Adelaide welcome students from over 50 nationalities providing them 100 years of professional experience in the culinary arts.

For 100 years, Le Cordon Bleu, has upheld the traditions of classical French cuisine and pastry, employing innovative teaching methods, which encourage students to experiment and adapt classical French techniques to their own native cuisine.

Le Cordon Bleu imparts to its students the appreciation of fine cuisine, dining, table setting, the pairing of wine and food and conviviality. In fact, anyone who spends time at Le Cordon Bleu immediately feels this atmosphere.

  • Basic Cuisine
  • Intermediate Cuisine
  • Superior Cuisine
  • Basic Patisserie
  • Intermediate Patisserie
  • Superior Patisserie