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Institution : Language Studies International (LSI)

LSI has a track record of over thirty years of successful language training. All LSI centres provide the perfect environment for learning; all our teachers are trained and qualified native speakers who posses solid teaching skills. These skills combined with thorough course preparation mean that each lesson will bring you a sense of achievement and progress in your chosen language. LSI centres are all part of the same group, specialising in language training. LSI pride themselves on the quality of our service - we will find out just what it is you need and prepare the option best suited to those needs.

Language Courses Available:

  • English (UK, Canada, Australia, USA)
  • French (France)
  • Spanish (Spain, Costa Rica)
  • German (Germany, Switzerland)
Course Type
  • Standard 20
  • Intensive 30
  • Standard 20 Plus
  • Standard 30 Plus
  • One-To-One
  • 9 Day Compact
  • Group 5 for Buisness
  • Group 5 Plus 5
  • Cambridge Examination
  • TOEIC (UK, Canada, Australia, USA)
  • TOEFL (UK, Canada Australia, USA)
  • IELTS (in UK & Australia)
  • DFA I - Diplome de Francais (France)
  • DELF (France)
  • DELE (Spain, Costa Rica)
  • ZMP - Zentrale Mittelstuffen Pruefung (Switzerland)
  • Zertifikat Deutsch (Germany, Switzerland)
  • International School Year (
  • Teachers Family (UK, Australia, Spain, Germany)
  • Family Course (UK in Brighton only)
  • Work Experience Internship (Almost all LSI)