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Institution : Fontys University

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is a wellknown name in education, not only in the Netherlands, but also in many other parts of the world. Fontys is the second largest institute for applied sciences in the Netherlands.

At Fontys University of Applied Sciences, almost all higher professional education programmes at bachelor’s level available in the Netherlands can be followed. For a number of programmes, you can choose either for the fulltime mode, or opt for the parttime or the dual mode. In a dual mode programme, from the second or third year, students alternate between work and study.

Teaching locations
The programmes are offered in one of the 22 locations in the Netherlands, concentrating primarily in the southern part of the country. Major campuses are in Eindhoven, Tilburg, Venlo, Sittard . Smaller establishments are in Roermond, Zwolle, Rotterdam, Veghel, Amsterdam and 's-Hertogenbosch.

Large and small
Teaching is carried out in the homely and small-scale environment of one of the Fontys schools. As a result, much attention is focused on personal development, whilst at the same time you are able to profit from the huge diversity offered by Fontys University of Applied Sciences as a whole.

Practical orientation
Teaching is geared towards developments in society and in the labour market. The programmes are highly practice oriented. Traineeships and practical tasks ensure that having graduated, in only a short time, you will be able to make a full contribution at any business or institution.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is an innovative institute. Existing courses are permanently being renewed and adapted to labour market demand, whilst we are also always working on new teaching methods and resources. An excellent example is "remote learning" using ICT systems.

Fontys: post higher professional education, research and consultancy

Contract activities
Besides regular higher education at bachelor’s and master’s level is Fontys University of Applied Sciences involved in contract activities for the professional market, through the provision of: post higher professional education courses and training programmes, research and consultancy.

Fontys implements these tasks at the request of individuals, companies, institutions and government bodies. Market activities are offered from the schools and some special departments, each with their own specialisation.

Thirty-seven schools, each with their own governing bodies, offer the programmes and contract activities at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. The overall management of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences lies with the Executive Board, supported by the Advisory Board. Both the Executive Board and the schools use the Fontys Support Unit, which brings together various components such as ICT services and departments responsible for Student Facilities, Administrative activities and Accommodation Facilities.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences was established in 1996, when a great number of renowned colleges of higher education merged:
  • Hogeschool Eindhoven;
  • Hogescholen Katholieke Leergangen;
  • Hogeschool Venlo;
  • Primary Teacher Training College Eindhoven;
  • The Dutch Vocational Teacher Training College.
Faculties became schools
Many universities of applied sciences and other universities have structured their organisation in faculties, but at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, the situation is different. Within Fontys, on 1 January 2000, we have set aside the faculty structure. The programmes and contract activities are now the responsibility of 37 separate schools. [http://]