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Institution : Rheinland Privatschule - Study in Germany

Type of Service:
German Language Course
Pathway to German Universities

Rheinland Privatschule has 3 location in Germany: Essen, Dusseldorf, and Cologne in the most advanced part of Germany, Northrein-Westphalia. The school was founded in the 90's and had gained great experience and even set new standards in German language course.

The motto of Rheinland Privatschule is "Living Language" therefor it provides quality German language courses on higher level. The aim is to support every student individually through customized coaching in order to accelerate the learning process.

Content of the courses are designed according to European Language Guidelines and constantly being evaluated and updated. The language courses are also specifically designed to provide necessary knowledge for students preparing for examinations such as: ZD, ZMP, DSH, TestDaF, Studienkolleg, ZOP. Studying in Rheinland Privatschule provide the students with ability to master German language and get better chance of being accepted in German Universities.

Rheinland Privatschule employs 45 staff members coming from different academic background: Germanistic, Mathematics, Physics, Management, Engineering, etc.

Rheinland Privatschule distinguished itself from other schools by providing modern designed classrooms and facilities, motivated teachers and pleasant learning environment, which all contribute to the quality of learning the students will experience during their study.

Rheinland Privatschule also provide services for students continuing to universities or other higher education institutions in Germany.

Meet the representative of Rheinland Privatschule at
IKPII International Education Expo 2008

Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC)
Saturday - Sunday, 2 -3 August 2008
11.00 AM - 18.00 PM []