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Institution : Georg Simon Ohm - Management Intitute (GSO-MI)

The university is named after the physicist Georg Simon Ohm, who was one of the leading scientists of the 19th century. He studied the phenomenon of galvanic current with a passion. In 1826 he formulated Ohm’s Law, which laid the foundation for his continued success. From 1839 to 1849 he led the Nuremberg University as its president. Nearly 40 years after his death, the International Electrical Congress of 1893 adopted the “ohm” as the unit of electrical resistance.

The Georg Simon Ohm Management Institute (GSO-MI) offers leading general management MBA programs for full-time and part-time students.

Georg Simon Ohm Management Institute (GSO-MI) is part of the public Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg in Bavaria. The sole objective of GSO-MI is to provide advanced education geared toward international business, with the top priority being to prepare students for the global economy. GSO-MI is ranked in the top three among German public universities for its excellent, practice-oriented market approach.

Three values represent the quality of our education: internationality, personality and dedication. The MBA of GSO-MI features a unique program of practice-oriented education with an international focus, interwoven with famous companies.

The Georg Simon Ohm Management Institute was formed in November 2002 with support of the Bavarian State government. The institute is an organizationally independent institute of further education within the Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences.

The goal was established to satisfy the constantly growing demand for qualified higher educational offers geared towards international business and the increasing service-orientation in this field.

As the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Bavaria with over 8,500 students and more than 250 professors, it has at its disposal a large potential of customer contacts, partnerships with other universities (approx. 110 worldwide) and research projects.

The international scope of the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences is confirmed by the high number of foreign students. Currently, approx. 1100 foreign students from about 90 nations are registered.

Since 1997, The Georg Simon Ohm University for Applied Sciences has offered an internationally-oriented, MBA-course : "Weiterbildungsstudium Internationale Betriebswirtschaft (WIB) (Further Educational Studies in International Economics) conducted in English. As the first University of Applied Sciences in Germany, it has awarded MBA-titles in accordance with the statutes as set by German universities.

The English speaking undergraduate course, "International Business" for an international circle of participants has been offered at the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences since 1998.

At GSO-MI, courses are taught by professors and highly-qualified lecturers with long-standing practical management, consulting and teaching experience in the English language.

Close cooperation with the business community and in particular with chosen partner companies ensures that training is orientated towards the labor market's demands. This cooperation facilitates internships served and lectures given by renowned guest lecturers.

Quality and success controls (including an evaluation by students) are carried out each semester in order to continuously improve and further develop the programs and seminars offered.

Since 1996, an alumni organization has been established for MBA-alumni. This world-wide network provides for the mutual exchange of information, ideas and experiences and ensures that contact to the university is not lost, even after graduation.

The Georg Simon Ohm Management Institute offers international MBA and further educational programs for managers and trainee managers in the fields of economics, leadership and management.

The aim of the Management Institute is to prepare companies to meet the demands of the global economy, by offering their management staff and highly talented trainees further educational training.

Classic concepts and the newest developments in management theory form part of the program. Intercultural exchange is also trained and encouraged in the Master of Business Administration program to prepare the participants for socializing in international circles.

Moreover, companies profit from the courses offered by GSO-MI by being able to hire well-educated foreign specialists and highly qualified managers trained in global thinking.

With its academic, international and practice-oriented program, the GSO-MI targets high potentials from Germany and abroad and companies with international business relationships. []