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Institution : Tilburg University

Tilburg University is a compact institution for higher education, specialised in human and social sciences and located in the southern part of the Netherlands.

Tilburg University is well known for its high standards in education and scientific research as well as its good support facilities. In nationwide yearly rankings Tilburg University takes a top-position already for many years. The compact campus layout offers ample opportunity to meet faculty and students all day. Out of student population of over 10,000, 5% are international long and short-term students.

Mission statement
Tilburg University is an inspiring university offering a stimulating and challenging environment for students, staff, and alumni.

The university highly values authenticity, academic freedom, and continuous development. In its top-quality education and research programmes in the disciplines of the social sciences and the humanities, the university is committed to addressing quality issues in society at national and international levels. It does so by training people for positions of responsibility in society and by contributing to socially sustainable solutions.

Tilburg University draws on a rich tradition which nourishes reflection and which also encourages the academic community's awareness of its philosophy of life in relation to academic disciplines.

Tilburg University in a nutshell:

  • 11,000 students
  • 750 international students from over 50 countries, 460 of which are degree seeking students
  • 1,700 staff
  • 170 full professors
  • 1,500 Master’s degrees per year
  • 60 PhD degrees per year