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Institution : Saxion University

Saxion Universities are located in the East of the Netherlands on two campuses, in the old Dutch cities of Deventer and Enschede. International students follow both Bachelor and Master programmes in 20 different pathways. International programmes are taught in English and comprise both business and more technical studies.

Saxion Universities have a student population of approximately 17000 including 1000 international students, in our Bachelor and Master programmes.

A Bachelor or Master degree acquired in the Netherlands is recognised throughout the world and will enable graduates to seek employment in their home countries or many other countries across the globe.

The East of the Netherlandsand the adjoining German borderlands are developing towards an area with tremendous growth potential constructed on a powerful knowledge economy and regional self-confidence. Saxion Universities of Professional Education have strong ties with German partner institutions in this development zone, as well as maintaining their partnerships on a global scale with institutions around the world in Asia, Africa and America.

Education in small groups
The philosophy of Saxion Universities is to offer education in small groups. The building in Deventer, for example, has only four large tiered lecture rooms. Instead, there are many facilities to study in small groups. For individual assignments, many computers are available. Individual coaching has won over group teaching.

The atmosphere is friendly, Saxion Universities want their students to enjoy good education, and also have a wonderful time. In the buildings you will find shops, the corridors are sprinkled with meeting places, leisure corridors, espresso bars and in Enschede you may even find a theatre. The campuses also have sporting facilities. All Dutch students speak English as well as their native language, making communication easy. Support for our international students is provided by the International Office.