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Institution : Hotel Institute Montreux

The Hospitality and Tourism industry is predicted to triple in size within the next fifteen years and to be the world’s largest industry by the year 2020. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, travelers will spend US$ 5 billion every day. There will be a great demand for well qualified staff with exciting and rewarding career opportunities waiting in almost every country around the world.

Switzerland has a long established and outstanding reputation for excelence in Hospitality Education. Many of the world’s successful hoteliers have been educated in this beautiful and safe country. Established in 1984, Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), was one of Switzerland’s first schools to offer hotel management programmes in English. Since then, HIM has grown considerably and is today considered one of Switzerland’s finest and best known Hotel Management Schools. In two modern campuses in the unique city centre location of metropolitan Montreux we offer high quality academic programmes and exceptional facilities.

HIM has a long and proud tradition as one of Switzerland’s finest and most well-established hotel management schools. HIM’s international accreditations and affiliations, a large alumni and excellent links to the hospitality industry ensure that the qualification you receive at the completion of your studies is well recognised providing the best possible first step into the world of hospitality.

HIM has built an excellent reputation worldwide for providing up-to-date hospitality programmes of outstanding quality.

Since its opening in 1984, thousands of students have graduated from our institute and now hold important positions within the hospitality industry. Many of our graduates are members of ourAlumni Association currently active in 86 countries around the world

Link to Hospitality Industry
HIM maintains strong links with leaders in the hospitality industry to ensure that the curicula correspond to the latest requirements and development of the industry.

Hotel Institute Montreux is a private institution specializing in Hotel Management studies.
HIM welcomes approximately 350 students each year, of which half are residents at the school and the reminder are on internship at hotels and restaurants in Switzerland and around the world.
The school's student population is very diverse and represents over 50 nationalities. All instruction is conducted in English.
HIM's faculty is made up of full time lecturers of whom are highly qualified academiccally and professionally as well as having extensive international experience.
HIM is accredited by :
  • Swiss Hotel Schools Association (ASEH)
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • European Foundation for the Association of Hotel Schools (EFAH)
  • Hotel Catering and International Management Association (HCIMA)

HIM's graduates will receive the following ;
- American & Swiss Diploma for completing 2.5 years Diploma program at HIM
- British Bachelor for completing 3 years Bachelor program at HIM

Students may complete their Bachelor in major US, UK and European universities through transfer agreements.

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