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Subject : Information Services & Management (Bach. Final Year)

Course Duration: 1 year (final year)
Courses start: September
Application Deadline: 31st May
Tuition Fee: € 4,780 / year
Total Package: € 9,780 / year (Incl. accommodation, VISA, insurance)
Location: Deventer, Netherlands

The International Graduate course in Information Services and Management has been specially created for international students in their final stage of studies in related specialised fields. Students are awarded a Bachelors degree after completion of the course and completion of studies, sometimes in conjunction with their studies at Degree level at their Home University.

In the Netherlands, the Information Services & Management (IS&M) courses focus on the organization, management and use of information and information technology, and on the impact of information on individuals, institutions, and society. The main concern of IS&M is the information content of systems -- predominantly with textual and multimedia information ? and the development of more effective information services. Topics include user information needs, information storage and retrieval, design and management of information systems and services, and institutional information management.

The IS&M course at Saxion Universties of Applied Sciences is known for its business approach, concentrating on information management in private business. This is achieved by imbedding information services in the business management setting, offering profound courses in marketing, and management information. Graduates show to be well-trained information professionals in business analysis and in design and management of information systems and services.

The Bachelors in Information Services & Management Programme offers foreign students the opportunity to benefit from this achievement. The core programme consists of three strands:

  • Business intelligence: starting from business modelling, with emphasis on environmental analysis models, a broad range of business information sources and search strategies is explored; an introduction to the value of intellectual capital is used to develop implications for information services;
  • Information services: the theory of information needs is applied as input for the design of information systems and services; analysing effectiveness and efficiency of information processes and financial modelling are used for optimal management of an information centre; strategic and policy topics are discussed;
  • Management information: in a business environment a profound understanding of management tools and systems is essential, so information modelling, databases, case tools and knowledge based systems is focussed on, professional quality communication skills are trained.

The emphasis of the courses is placed on the practical-orientated integration of different subjects. Students learn to make connections between the various subjects and learn about the way in which they will be used in professional reality. Therefore, getting acquainted with the future work field is an important part of the programme and visits to organisations and companies are integrated into the course units.

Throughout the year students work on practical assignments in which they apply knowledge and skills gained from theory combined with practical experience and situated learning. Graduation by means of an assignment is a test of capability: the students will have to show that they are able to complete a research assignment and to compile a written and oral report

General Admission Requirements
  • A minimum of three years higher education in a related (Information services or business) field.
  • Students must enter the course directly from abroad (or Pre Bachelors Programme).
  • TOEFL 550, IELTS 6 English Language Certificate or similar English Language qualification from recognized institution