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Subject : Environmental Science (Bach. Final Year)

Course Duration: 1 year (final year)
Courses start: September
Application Deadline: 31st May
Tuition Fee: € 4,780 / year
Total Package: € 9,780 / year (Incl. accommodation, VISA, insurance)
Location: Deventer, Netherlands

Our world is depending on our natural and human-made environment. Technical issues arise, living areas need protection, water management is of high priority, waste is a global issue, in short: we need to act. Treat our planet, its creatures and ourselves in a better way. Sustainable development of local areas, regions or in multi national cooperation provides us a key.

Environmental Science is a course where people from all over the world are provided with knowledge and skills to find balances between ecology, environmental quality and economic activities in any area. Our interdisciplinary projects and a problem oriented approach prepare you for a career aimed at a Sustainable Future.

Our one year course in Environmental Science equips the graduates for a number of specific positions at government institutions, national authorities, and firms of consulting engineers, industries, ecology groups and non-governmental organisations. We seek to use experience from the Netherlands, Europe, several other countries and international developments.

In the Bachelors programme of Environmental Science we study impacts on local, regional and national level and try to solve or even prevent the environmental problems by trying to influence people’s behaviour by means of education, policies and laws, technical and management measures.

General Admission Requirements
  • Candidates seeking admission to the International Bachelors Courses must demonstrate that they have the ability and determination to successfully complete the course.
  • A minimum of three years of Higher Education in the field of Environmental Science, Environmental Technology, Urban and Regional Planning or directly related disciplines
  • A Bachelors of Science degree from either an Institute of Higher Professional Education or a University in any branch of study.
  • Completed three years of Higher Education in the discipline of further study
  • TOEFL 550, IELTS 6.0 or similar English Language qualification from a recognized institution

The students qualification will be assessed during an intake interview or on assessment of a Curriculum Vitae and a letter of motivation.