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Subject : Electrical & Electronic Engineering (BEng)

Course Duration: 4 years
Courses start: September
Application Deadline: 31st May
Tuition Fee: € 3,500 / year
Total Package: € 8,500 / year (Incl. accommodation, VISA, insurance)
Location: Enschede, Netherlands

Electricity is everywhere, and its applications are infinite. All applications are designed, engineered, sold and maintained. Many people are working in the electronic business, and there are many jobs available at this moment. The 4 year education Electrical & Electronic Engineering at SAXION Hogeschool Enschede is the start of a great career in electronics. As a student you can choose one of the two specialisations Applied Communications Engineering or Electrical Power and Automation

First basic skills will be taught, in lessons and also in projects. The lessons consist of technical, social and communication subjects. Technical subjects that will be taught are analogue and digital hardware, design and engineering. Programming will also be part of the education. Hardware and software make everything work! Social and communicative aspects are trained in presentations, interviews and much group work in projects.

The projects concern small technical problems to be solved by a group of students. Students learn much about the product they design but also about the multidiscipline character of the process. A project example is "measuring an analogue heartbeat and presenting it wireless on the other side of the country".

You will acquire wide technical knowledge and be able to communicate multidisciplinary. After completion of the course you can find work as a hardware / software Designer, sales representative or electrical engineer.

All students have a mentor, who is a personal coach for their studies. Two semesters of the course will be completely practical (in factory). The first semester is to get you acquainted with the work of an engineer. The second is to prove your level as an engineer.

After 4 years of study, you get a "Bachelor of Engineering" degree and you can apply for a challenging job as an electrical engineer, or you can choose to study for a masters degree.

General Admission Requirements
  • Formal admission requirements are a completed secondary education: GCE A-levels or (I)GCSE grades A, B or C, High School (top stream or plus 1 year of college), etc.
  • The student should have basic knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • TOEFL 550, IELTS 6.0 English Language Certificate or similar English Language qualification from a recognized institution