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Subject : Design Management (Master)

Course Duration: 1 year
Courses start: February
Tuition Fee: € 12.000
Location: Barcelona, Spain


The course aims to transfer to students a broad range of management skills, methods and tools and to discover the roles, functions and tasks of the enterprise department. It also enables design, marketing and business professionals to bridge the design and business gap, to become key drivers of organizational success and to create, manage and grow their brands.

Understand the design Value Chain (from concept development to product delivery) and its relationship with management decisions, capabilities and resources


The didactic program consists of a theoretical part and a practical one. The first part will touch the following signatures:

Project Management

(Project cost management, project profitability, project budgeting and staff scheduling - Cross-functional project teams leadership and management)


(The key elements of a strategic planning, business strategy and business development planning - Develop competitive strategies to increase their presence within selected markets - Identify long-term revenue goals and target markets to reach these goals - Internationalization decisions: entry into new markets - Comparative analysis of various diversification plans: risk and opportunities)

Marketing & Sales

(Client and customer understanding, targeting and segmentation. Market research and Data Base analysis - Competitive analysis - Commercial organization design and implementation - Distribution model definition, evaluation and implementation - Retail strategy )


(Financial needs assessment and action planning - Backlog analysis, scheduling and cash flow projections - Annual operating profit plans (budgets/strategic action plans)

Human Resources

(Human resource planning and goal-setting - Understanding culture)

Information Systems

(Project management tools learning: scheduling and resources planning - Enterprise Management tools training: market studies analysis, data base analysis, financial forecasting, budgeting

The second one is the focused on different workshops and on planning and coordinate a real interdisciplinary design project held by professionals coming from different areas

Admission Requirements
  • Graduates from similar fields, those with diplomas from university-level schools, OR professionals with at least two years experience in the sector will be eligible for enrolment upon this Master course.
  • Upon application the candidate must present his/her curriculum vitae (CV) and diploma with transcript.
  • Selection will be based on these criteria and only after the careful assessment by the school board or course co-ordinator.
  • A one-to-one or telephone interview will also be held in English.