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Subject : International Business & Management Studies (BBA - Fontys)

Course Duration: 4 years
Courses start: September
Tuition Fee: € 3.950
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

International Business and Management Studies is the only BBA course in Institute of Marketing Management which is offered completely in English. Characteristic of the International Business and Management Studies course is the broad business perspective, and aim at providing students with the knowledge and skills required for different functions in marketing and management The core topics are:

  • International Marketing
  • International Management
  • Finance & accounting
  • Business Environment
  • Communication

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded with a Higher Professional Education Degree, i.e. 'Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)'

Course Structure

semester 1 - Important subjects during the first semester are finance and accounting, marketing and management & organisation. Besides these subjects, students receive training essential to be able to function in international project groups.

semester 2 - In the second semester the focus is on marketing decisions in an international context. Students work in small groups on projects assignments such as selecting international markets and adjusting the marketing mix to meet local consumer needs. Key subjects are marketing, consumer behavior and market research.

semester 3a: multinational at work - In this period students will learn how a multinational is structured and managed. Students will get an assignment from a multinational company to analyse several of these issues and to advise the company how to deal with problems in the area of international management, finance and organisation. The main subjects are: Financial accounting, International business, International marketing and culture, International management and Business research.

semester 3b: let's make things beter - Based on the findings in semester 3a, the students select two particular business units/ product divisions of Philips that offer the best potential in terms of sales growth and added value. After analysing both possibilities the students choose the one with the highest potential.

semester 4a: international entrepreneurship - In semester 4 students have two options: studying abroad (Dutch students) or setting up an international (mini) enterprise (foreign students).

semester 5: business placement - All students are required to do a business placement abroad. For Dutch students this will be the country where they spent semester 4. Foreign students can do their first business placement in The Netherlands.

semester 6a: planning the future - The programme in this period focuses on the process of creating a new international strategy for a multinational company. Strategic marketing planning, management & organisation and finance are the core subjects.

semester 6b: international marketing plan - During this period students will have to draw up an international marketing plan in order to implement the chosen startegy. Main subjects are international marketing planning, management & organisation, finance and marketing communications.

semester 7a: balanced scorecard analysis - You and your project team will define the balanced scorecard for an actual company. In a team of fellow students you will analyse the business processes in a real life business environment and define and analyse the performance indicators which are of strategic importance to the company.

semester 7b: balanced scorecard implementation - The recommendations made in the previous period need to be implemented. You and your team-mates will develop a change programme to accommodate for the changes you recommended to improve the way the business processes are organised and controlled.

semester 8: graduation project - During the final semester you will have to execute a graduation project with an international company. On the basis of an international assignment you will have to prove your previously acquirde skills and knowledge by writing a final thesis.

Admission Requirements
  • Required to have a (senior) highschool diploma, GCE or equivalent.
  • Able to demonstrate a good command of the English language (TOEFL Score 550 or IELTS Score 6.0)
  • Minimum age for this course is 18