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Subject : IT / Software Engineering (BEng)

Course Duration: 4 years
Course Start: 1 September 2006 (Application deadline 1 June 2006)
Tuition Fee: € 3,655
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

The study programme is an international course, leading to the international Bachelor degree in Information Technology. It is a university course conducted in English intended for the professional field of Technology. Students are trained to become an all-round IT-expert in software engineering.

During the course students can specialise in engineering or IT-related business management. With the knowledge and skills collected at Fontys University, students can work as high-level engineers and managers in the IT sector.

Students coming from a university with a profile in InformationTechnology or Computer Science might enter the course in year 2 or 3, depending on the match of curricula.

Engineers in the field of information technology are able to set up software systems, model the data and design databases, using third and higher generation programming languages and other resources. IT Managers have a specialised technical knowledge and skills in the particular field of IT management, marketing and entrepreneurship. They are also interested in the decision making process of a company and coordinating engineers and technicians.

InformationTechnology offers theoretical subjects and practical labatory training for instance in:
  • computer science;
  • networks and protocols;
  • communication;
  • software engineering and software management;
  • prograinnming in e.g. Java; C++ and other higher programming languages;
  • mathematics;
  • database modelling and design;
  • project management and project skills;
  • human and ethic aspects of information technology;
  • multi media (webdesign);
  • user interface design;
  • real time applications:
  • telematics;
  • embedded software

The curriculum is built up of different modules (periods in a year) in which certain subjects are taught. During the course you apply your knowledge in two internships and one graduation assignment. During the internships you work in a company.

Modes of instruction
Lectures, tutorials, practicals, projects, workshops, two internships in the second and third year and a graduation period in the final year. Applicable to all teaching methods is the interactive way of teaching which is a typical feature of our educational system.

IT Career
What does an engineer or manager in Information Technology do?
  • advice how to use ICT;
  • make Inforrnatics Policy Plans;
  • consulting users;
  • express wishes;
  • think of solutions;
  • writing computer programs to solve the problem;
  • explain the use of the program;
  • aftercare and maintenance;
  • implementation plans.

Admission Requirements:
  • General Certificate of Secondary Education with good level in mathematics
  • TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS score of 6.0
  • Open mind for differences in cultures and team work.