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Subject : Electrical/Electronic Engineering (BEng)

Course Duration: 4 years
Course Start: August / September 2006 (application deadline June 2006)
Tuition Fee: € 3,655 (including books, introduction activities, manuals)
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

The study programme is an international programme, leading to a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical / Electronic Engineering. A student who passes the first year successfully gets the Certificate Propedeutic Year.

Electrical / Electronic Engineering is a university course intended for the (industrial) professional field. Our students are trained to become an allround engineer in a specific field. Students specialise in Telecommunications, Mechatronics or Management & Engineering.

Considerations in their professional career will be, for example:
the environment (energy control, waste), ethics, cooperation between several markets, integration of knowledge and a focus on what the consumers need and want. Problemsolving and innovative behaviour is essential. With this knowledge and these skills students can also work as a manager in an electrical area.

Electronic and electrical engineers are able to design, research, develop, produce and manage in the field of electronic and electrical circuits and apply this knowledge in appliances, equipment etc. in order to improve society. Their focus is on the international world in or for professional high-tech companies.

Applied mathematics and physics; automation; general electronics; product design; networks; electrical fields and energy fields; practical skills; telematics; telecommunication. A lot of attention goes to 3 basic elements: analogue and digital electronics, as well as programming. Computer and software are important tools.

Electrical/Electronic Engineering offers theoretical subjects and laboratory training (applied science) for instance in:
  • computer science;
  • analogue electronics and networks;
  • programming;
  • transmission of electrical energy;
  • physical transport phenomena;
  • telecommunications;
  • digital designing;
  • telematics;
  • product management;
  • mechatronics.
Modes of instruction
Lectures, practicals, project learning, workshops, traineeship in third year, practical graduation period in final year.

Our engineers-to-be get the opportunity to test their skills during traineeships and graduation in (or for) a company. Extra attention will be paid to the English language during the first year. The emphasis will be on oral and writing skills and presentations. At the end of the first year students can obtain a Fontys certificate.

The best of both worlds
From the first year on you can experience what it is like to work together with Dutch students. Several projects give you this opportunity.

Admission Requirements:
Secondary education including mathematics and physics; secondary technical education, e.g. IB/IGCSE/HAVO/VWO.
Each certificate will be compared before enrolment is possible.