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Subject : International Service Management (MA)

Course Duration: 1 year
Courses start: September (deadline for application:1st June 2006)
Tuition Fee: € 10,500 ( including readers and compulsory books and social programme)
Location: Leeuwarden, Netherlands

The Master of Arts in International Service Management (MAISM) is designed to provide you with the necessary academic, professional and personal competencies for managing service organisations, You develop an analytical and critical attitude towards service management concepts.

For Whom
People who wish to increase their understanding of the service sector; and learn to improve performance in service businesses

Specific modules of MAISM

Principles of Service Management
The Master in International Service Management starts with an overview of the main issues in service manage ment. With service management, addressing major human resource issues is essential when you want to talk adequately about operations management. Further, to discuss operations design and execution, it is crucial to do justice to services marketing. That is why both in the introductory module and in the following modules a cross-functional approach will be used.

Strategic Service Management
An optimal service performance requires a concerted effort by all people and systems involved to create and deliver a valuable and satisfying experience in an efficient and effective way. We describe 5 perspectives, which might be called the quintessence of service management:

  1. HRM perspective (all people involved);
  2. Technological perspective (efficient and effective systems);
  3. Operational perspective (to create and deliver, efficient, effective);
  4. Customer & Marketing perspective (a valuable and satisfying experience);
  5. Financial perspective (efficient, effective).

The main target of strategic service management is to balance these five perspectives.

Service Performance Improvement
Performance measurement can be focussed at three different levels: the organisation, the process, and the individual. In this module, a systems approach is adopted as a foundation of diagnosis. Several theories on performance improvement will be compared and contrasted.

In the module e-service, the focus will be on concepts of e-service and the current developments in this new field.

Financial Accounting
In the module Financial Accounting, our aim is to enhance your ability to discuss some financial topics at the same level.

As a graduate from the MA in International Service Management you will be able to:

  • introduce innovative service provision and contribute to the continuing success of service organisations;
  • serve as internal or external consul tants, conducting research, and offerring advice related to the policies of service companies;
  • apply in-depth knowledge in a specific area of service management;
  • apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods to collect meaningful information to support the decision-making process, both through desk research and field research; support your decisions with sound argumentation, both orally and in writing;
  • demonstrate a well-developed system of personal values;
  • demonstrate a set of effective leadership skills.

Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Economics, Business Studies or Service Management;
    Students with non-economic or non-related Bachelor’s degree are evaluated on a per case basis;
  • Work experience in related fields is not required but is recommended;
  • TOEFL. score of 550 (paper-based), 213 computerbased) or IELTS score of 6.0