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Subject : International Business & Management Studies (BBA - CHN)

Course Duration: 4 years
Courses start: September 2006
Tuition Fee: € 3,700
Location: Leeuwarden, Netherlands


By integrating theory and practice we enable you to build and develop your skills as a business manager. The course provides you with your own personal study coach and all facilities such as computer, library and internet services.

Programme: Major and Minors

The first 2 years and the graduation semester are part of the major, year 3 and the first semester of the fourth year are part of minor (or specialization)

Programme: subjects and activities

Year 1

  • Marketing &.Saies Management
  • Management Accounting
  • International Business Environment (IBE 1)
  • International Management & Organization

Year 2

  • Marketing & Business Communication
  • Export Management & Logistics
  • Quality & Project Management
  • international People Management

Excursion Programme
Students take part in several excursions. Activities during these excursions are geared to enable you to develop your knowledge and observational & analytical skills in a European business environment. There are several excursions in the Netherlands and three main excursions in:

  • Belgium (Brussels; the European Commission).
  • Germany (Berlin)
  • England (London) or
  • Czech Republic (Prague)

The programme and places to visit could change during the year. All these excursions are integrated into the modules and the Professional Development Programme, and are included in the tuition fee for non-EU students.

Structure year 3 and 4
The structure of the third and fourth year depends on the chosen minors. The curriculum includes in all three specializations (minors) an internship in the fourth year and different modules. The course is concludedwith a final thesis/research project.

IBMS provides you with the opportunity to choose a minor (specialization) that meets your interests and serves your career. This way each student gains a general knowledge of International Business and Management whilst having the opportunity to expand into a more specific field of. expertise.

Minor Business to Business
This special subject is on the strategic choices a company faces when entering new international markets. You have to draft a business plan in which all aspects-including management, human resources management and financial management - are dealt with, Special attention must be given to cultural differences. You also learn to make strategic choices in the internationalization process of a company, which is necessary to be able to have a good export plan. You are prepared for employment as an export manager, area manager or account manager with a large international company such as Shell, Philips or Bosch.

Minor Retail (& Small) Business
Topics dealt with are developments in international retailing, financial management, strategic planning and in-store marketing. The theme in the final year is entrepreneurship, and you will work on integrated projects and in modules focusing on setting up and running a business venture or department. Upon graduation, you may seek employment in a management position at the head office of large international retailers, such as IKEA or AHOLD, or opt to be an independent entrepreneur.

Minor Food & Agri-business
During the course you will learn about the international export business, product development, food production and (international) marketing. You will also be introduced to topical issues such as food and health, convenience products, sustainable production and food safety HACCP. Graduates may apply for jobs in large international companies, such as Nestlé or Unilever operating in the field of food production and marketing.

During the optional semester you can take a study in specific minor or an open minor with a combination of different modules. Examples of a specific minors:

  • European retailing
    European retail formats and international retailing in a wider economic and social context. This module includes excursions to European cities.
  • Entrepreneurship minor
    Business consultancy and feasibility study for a(n) (own) company.
  • Open minor
    Students can choose modules frorn the IBMS optional module programme. Students can apply for a semester abroad at a partner university or take part in the CHN Global Campus entrepreneurship project in South Africa.

Career Options in International Business

  • banks;
  • real estate sector;
  • production and retailing organisations
  • import and export companies and multinationals;
  • trade consultants;
  • independent entrepreneurs.

Admission Requirements:

  • High School Diploma from an accredited institution or secondary education; Associate Degrees, Diplomas, or BA in economics and non-economics fields.
  • TOEFL score 550 or IELTS 6.0
  • Submit typewritten Motivation Essay (300-400 words) answering 5 given questions
  • Submit Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume containing clear overview of education and work experience