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Subject : Meteorology and Air Quality (MSc)

Meteorology and Air Quality (MSc)

Course Duration: 2 years
Course Period : September 2006 - July 2008
Tuition Fee : € 13,820 (composite fee) + € 1,815 (research fee)
Location: Wageningen, Netherlands

This programme is intended for students who are seeking a career as an academically-trained professional or scientist. Job possibilities include careers as weather forecaster, climate researcher or meteorology and air quality consultant. They also include positions in fundamental and applied research.

The programme is tailor-made and thesis-oriented. It gives special aftention to the processes and dynamics of the atmospheric layer above the land at local and regional scales.

Students in the Meteorology and Air Quality programme study the physical and chemical aspects of processes in the Earth’s atmosphere and its interactions. This knowledge can be used for further process studies (quantitative and qualitative) in a PhD programme or for entering a career in weather forecasting. Studies are conducted at levels ranging from the field to the global scale and comprise four different profiles:

  • The profile ‘Weather and Climate’ is dedicated to the study of large-scale atmospheric systems and processes. These large-scale systems and processes play an important role in both the forecasting of day-to-day weather and in climate research. Computer skills and advanced statistics are also key courses in this profile.
  • The profile ‘Boundary Layer and Mesoscale Processes’ offers students the possibility of studying and understanding the role of the atmospheric boundary layer on weather, climate and atmospheric chemistry.
  • The main objective of the profile ‘Land Surface Climate’ is to study the physics of the environment near the interface of the land surface and the atmosphere. Specific areas of study include the exchange of heat, mass (water vapour, CD NH etc.) and momentum over land surfaces.
  • The profile ‘Air Quality’ provides options for studying air quality in relation to topics such as its effects on humans and ecosystems; air quality modelling is another area of study.
  • Admission Requirements:
    in agricultural, natural, or environmental sciences or related fields.
    TOEFL Score of 575 or IELTS 6.5