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Subject : Earth System Science (MSc)

Course Duration: 2 years
Course Period : September 2006 - July 2008
Tuition Fee : € 13,820 (composite fee) + € 1,815 (research fee)
Location: Wageningen, Netherlands

Fundamental to the Earth System Science approach is the need to emphasise relevant interactions between biological, chemical, physical and socio-economic processes that extend across spatial scales ranging from microns to the size of the Earth, over time scales ranging from milliseconds to billions of years and organisational scales ranging from individuals to nations. The Earth is viewed as a complex and dynamic entity involving land, air, water and life; there is no single process or phenomenon that occurs in complete isolation from other components.

As an Earth system scientist, you will study these processes that control the quality of our environment. Specialisations allow students to explore specific topics in depth by taking advanced courses and by conducting research as part of their thesis work and internship. Students are free to choose additional courses.

  • Specialisation A:
    Terrestrial ecosystems - Research topics include: the potential for terrestrial ecosystems to absorb significant amounts of 002; changes in vegetation composition and structure at dif ferent scales and interactions with climate; eutrophication of ecosystems; the role of geomicrobiological processes in biogeochemical cycles; and the impacts of global change on the hydrological cycle.
  • Specialization B:
    Limnology and oceanography - Acquiring insight into the functioning of freshwater ecosystems (limnologyl and marine ecosystems (oceanography) is essential to protect the world’s aquatic resources. The scope of this specialisation is broadened due to cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. Research topics include studies of fate and effects of nutrients and micropollutants, ecosystem stability, fisheries, biodiversity dynamics, climate change and ecosystem restoration.
  • Specialisation C:
    Integrated assessment of global environmental change - Research topics include climate-change scenarios, impacts assessments, ecosystem function analysis and land-use modelling.
  • Admission Requirements:
    in biological or earth sciences, or related fields.
    TOEFL Score of 575 or IELTS 6.5