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Subject : Organic Agriculture (MSc)

Course Duration: 2 years
Course Period : September 2006 - July 2008
Tuition Fee : € 13,820 (composite fee) + € 1,815 (research fee)
Location: Wageningen, Netherlands

The Organic Agriculture programme has been designed to train students in multiple aspects of organic agriculture and the associated processing and marketing chain. An important goal is to prepare the students for interdisciplinary teamwork at an academic level. This study is unique in that it combines detailed consideration of the underlying principles and processes from a natural science perspective with social and economic studies. The curriculum has been carefully formulated to provide a balance between fundamental and applied science.

There are two specialisations:

  • Farm and rural environment - Courses are geared towards: analysis and design of sustainable, organic farming systems; insight into the relationships between plant and animal production, soil and natural habitats; understanding management options for sustainable, organic farming compared with conventional farming; ethics of animal welfare; biodiversity conservation; insight into factors affecting plant and animal health; and quality of organic products. Finally, students learn to conduct holistic, integrated research, including the appropriate evaluation methodology, and participate in research projects involving organic farming systems or rural development.
  • Consumer and market - Courses are geared towards: analysis of consumer perception of product quality; use of theories and models to analyse consumer behaviour in view of developing marketing strategies; knowledge and insight into the interrelations between government policy and consumer behaviour; development of strategies for certification and trademarks for organic products; understanding and designing an institutional environment conducive to marketing chain agreements; logistics for processing and marketing of organic products; price formation for organic products; and regionalisation versus internationalisation of production and consumption. Finally, students acquire the skills to analyse complex problems on the junction of organic agriculture and society in preparation for the thesis research.
  • Admission Requirements:
    in agricultural sciences, social sciences, biology, economics, or related fields.
    TOEFL Score of 575 or IELTS 6.5