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Subject : Food Quality Management (MSc)

Course Duration: 2 years
Course Period : September 2006 - July 2008
Tuition Fee : € 13,820 (composite fee) + € 1,815 (research fee)
Location: Wageningen, Netherlands

In recent years a concept of solving food quality problem has been developed that combines technological and management aspects: the "techno-managerial" approach. This approach forms the basis of the Food Quality Management programme and provides comprehensive and structured overview of quality management in the food industry from a chain perspective.

Graduates of this programme will be able to:

  • Recognize, analyse, and understand factors in the agri-food processes and in the agri-food chain that influence the quality of agri-food products. The graduate is capable of analysing these factors by integrating technological expertise (e.g. product and process aspects) with management expertise (e.g. policy, consumer demands and organisation structure).
  • Describe and explain technological and managerial options and restrictions for realising desired quality levels, both within organisations in the food chain, and for the chain as a whole.
  • Analyse, understand, and explain the consequences of governmental quality regulations on the processes in the agri-food chain. The graduate will also be able to describe, analyse and evaluate quality problems - in organisations in the agri-food chain or the chain as a whole - caused by these governmental policies and regulations, while taking legislation, policy, economics and ethics into consideration.
  • Ascertain the external influences on quality and describe, develop, and evaluate quality assurance systems and quality assurance policies.
  • Describe, develop and evaluate processes of quality design, quality control and improvement, and to understand and integrate management aspects (e.g. sales and marketing) and technological aspects (e.g. product development, process design, control measures)
  • Describe, evaluate, and implement various concepts, method, and techniques of food quality management.
  • Work in a multi-methodological fashion that includes both managerial and technological aspects. Graduates will be able to understand, communicate and work with people with different knowledge standards and backgrounds.
  • Define, conduct, and evaluate policy-relevant research on aspects related to quality. This means that graduates will be able to analyse and evaluate practical situations and problems from a theoretical perspective, while critically evaluating the role and position of the researcher.
Admission Requirements:
BSc in animal sciences, plant sciences, food sciences, management, and/or consumer related studies or related fields.
TOEFL Score of 575 or IELTS 6.5