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Subject : Molecular Life Sciences (Master)

Course Duration: 1 year
Course Period: 2 October 2006 - 2 October 2007
Tuition Fee: € 13,150.00
Location: Nijmegen

The emphasis lies in developing Research & Development (R&D) skills and practical lab skills in order to perform quality bimolecular research in such way that show respect to society and environment as well.

This programme provides Bachelors in Life Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry and Medical Sciences the opportunity to improve themselves in their discipline by studying amoong other things Molecular Cell Biology and Bio-informatics. The course has been developed based on the latest techonologilcal and theoetical developments. In addition to solid theoretical foundation, ample attention also given to practical applications, communication and team management skills (action learning).

Applicants required to have Bachelor Degree in Life Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry, or Medial Sciences. Engineers at a comparable level, obtained via formal education or in practice, may also be admitted. Please consult.