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Hi, Hello, Salut, Cheerio !! I知 Farahiba Aliah Sugiharti. Everybody calls me Hiba, remember it痴 not the name of a bus. This August, I値l join Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) big family with my new friends; Alex and Nadia by taking hotel management study.

I知 very fond of cooking, I love to try the new recipe even the result sometimes awful. The combinations between your skill, your feeling, your taste, your sense of aesthetics result to the food you cooked. What a challenging job. Honestly, these are my basic reasons why I choose hotel management study. I already know that may major is not that simple. I have to learn the other things and I think I知 ready for it. I believe, if you love what you are doing and try to reach it, you値l be a success person at least for yourself.

I知 so lucky, I have a lot of supporter; my father, my mom, my brother, my nanny, the rest of family, my friends, and of course everybody in Atlas Education and Services (AES). They still support me until today. My mom always says, 添ou are in the track, keep it straight. Well, thanks to everybody in AES. They guide me and they are so professional. They try to observe new students personally. Oh yeah, since most of them have first hand experience in studying abroad therefore they could answer all my questions. They tell me about their bad and good experiences during their study abroad and those are very useful.

Now about my future school, HIM (Hotel Institute Montreux). Every school is like a human. HIM is old but strong. It has a soul and looks very friendly. HIM is simple but elegant. It has a lot of friend and nobody regrets to be a part of HIM. I always hope, I can do the best things for everybody. Wish me luck, Guys!

text is written by Hiba (
ex Santa Ursula High School, Bintaro