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At the airport once you landed with an international flight you have to you’re your passport and any required visas, acceptance letter and any proof of financial capabilities. Normally the immigration counter placed after you have left the airplane and entered the airport but before you collect your luggage. It is important to realize that the admission to the country is entirely at the discretion of the immigration officer; therefore it is better to be polite and to dress appropriately. You will be asked the purpose of your visit and how long you plan to remain in the country, and then the officer determines the length of stay to be authorized and stamped into your passport. When you finish with the immigration officer and your passport has been stamped, and you have collected your luggage you must pass through a customs inspection. Sometimes, there is a customs declaration that needs to be filled on your plane. Customs officials will examine this form when they look at your luggage in order to scrutinize them carefully. You may be asked to open your bag when there is any irregularities or violations of customs regulation, a sum of money might be charged in relation to this.