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Which and where

You need to arrange accommodation in advance, take initiative to sort out your accommodation as soon as you can. The counselors are ready to help you to choose your accommodation. Since there are several types of accommodation to choose from it is advisable to be clear on what you really wish to have.

Choices of accommodation:
- University Accommodation
- Private Accommodation.


Halls of residence
usually large buildings for large numbers of students, located near the campus or within the campus. Some are single-sex (male or female students only) and others are mixed. Some halls provide meals (breakfast and evening meals), but most accommodation requires you to buy and prepare your own food in a shared kitchen (self catering).

Home stay with a local family
you may choose to stay as a guest in the home of a local family.


Student hostels
run by charitable organizations and usually has rooms for single students and few also provide rooms for those who already married. Meals might be provided or if there is none there will be cooking facilities so you can prepare your own food.

renting a room in someone’s house, which you will probably have to share the bathroom normally you are entitled to your own room. Your host might provide meals or you will have access to the kitchen to prepare your own foods.

Flats and houses
this is one of the best options if you want to share a flat with two or more students in order to cut cost. Types of flats and houses vary, so it is up to your and your flat mates preferences on how to choose your flats.