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Learning Systems

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • On a degree and a postgraduate course it is well known that you do not have attend all your classes all the time and you have much more time to study on your own. This means that you have to organise your private study time.
  • Your instructors/lecturers/tutors won’t always provide you with answers; usually they will show you ways to find the answers yourself.
  • You will not always be dealing with facts, and there will not always be right and wrong answers. You will need to learn to think about the subject matter and develop your own ideas and opinions.
  • Classroom teaching may be much less formal than you are used to. You will be encouraged to ask questions, join in discussions, and even argue with your tutors.

The teaching and learning methods consist of:

it is the most formal traditional teaching method. A lecturer stands at the front of the room and makes a presentation to a large number of students, who listen and take notes.

How to gain from lectures:

  • Attend the classes. There will not be anybody who checks to make sure you attend lectures, but in spite of that, it is still important to go.
  • Make sure you read about the topic before the lecture. When you already know something about the subject, you will grasp a full understanding of the lecture.
  • Select the things that you need to write down in a lecture, do not try to write down everything that the lecturer says. It is best to listen carefully and jolt down the main ideas with the references.
  • You need to read through your notes and probably reorganize them when you get home.
  • Do not forget to borrow someone’s note if you missed your class.

Seminars and tutorials
this is a small discussion group with a number of students in one class with one lecturer or tutor joined to discuss a particular topic and exchange ideas. This is usually obligatory so you need to attend.

How to gain:

  • You need to prepare in advance about the topic in question so you can form your own ideas and opinion therefore you are ready to discuss them in class.
  • Whenever there is a discussion there is bound to be arguments. This is a normal thing in a seminar. Do not feel intimidated by this, you will get used to the idea after a while.
  • Even though you may think your English is not good enough however, do not be afraid to join the discussion. Your ideas and opinion are more important to other students and tutor than your ability to speak.

Organising your time
After you manage your timetable of the lectures, seminars and tutorials you probably still have a lot of free time. You need to organize this time carefully which may be done by:

  • Targeting your achievement for the week or month ahead. Schedule time for doing your reading and work out roughly how much time you need to spend on reading.
  • Do not think that you have to spend all your extra time doing your work to success.
  • As you are progressing with your study, you will find a better idea of how much time you need for different activities.