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Country: France

One of the most beautiful country in the world that is famous for the wine production, cheese and central of world fashion. France is a suitable country for students who wish to study art, language, culinary, etc. It is also well known for the delicious and posh cuisine, the art, history and traditions. The country’s landscape is favorable for those who likes hiking.


Facts & Figures

Population : 58.3 million (1996)
Capital City : Paris
Language : French
Religion : 90% Catholic Roman, 2% Christian, 1% Moslem and 1% Jews
Education : 2,075 students (Graduate)
International Phone Code : 33
Electricity : 220V, 50Hz

Famous cities in France:

  • Paris - the most beautiful city in the world with its loveliness that you may grasp by just walking down the street of Paris. You can stroll to the Eiffel tower then across the river to The Arc de Triomphe and walk along Champ Elysees to Palace de la Concorde.
  • Lyon - Although it is a commercial city and central of industrial district, Lyon has its own advantage due to its museums, dynamic cultures and the unforgetably delicacies.
  • Dijon - Central of the reinaissance art. It is also called the university town because of plenty universities are located in this city.
  • Cote d’Azur - a famous beach town that has loads of famous beaches like St. Tropez, Nice and Cannes.
  • Grass- This town is famous for the production of its parfum and to prove it this town has its own pleasant smell.

Paris is the main track for busses and trains. The channel tunnel that was built to conect two countries, France and England supports the high- speed trains.

Currency Exchange
Traveller cheques has higher exchange rate than cash when it is traded in bank and exchange bureau. The French ATM also accepts credit card and international bank card.

The common dinner habits in France are as such:

  • Aperitif - drinks before dinner
  • Entrée - appertizer
  • Plat - main course
  • Dessert - dessert
  • Digerstif - drinks after dinner
French people drink a lot of wine.

In Paris there are plenty of patisseries, you can find it in almost every corner of each road. Variety of cheese and wine can be found in the open air market. Beside the traditional French Bistro, there are other choices of restaurants that offer food from Vietnam, North Africa and the Middle East. You may try the CROUS (Centre Regional des Oeuvres Univeritaires et Scolires) on the 30Av. Georges Bernanos,5 eme which is a university restaurant that serve food with reasonable price.

French Embassy in Indonesia:
Jl. M.H. Thamrin no.20, Jakarta.
Telp : (021) 314 2807