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Country: Spain

Spain is one of the country in Europe with the best weather. It is famous for its strong tradition, colourful carnivals, traditional parties, Spanish dance and music, the flamboyant costum and traditional dish. The Spanish lifestyle that are full of habits and traditions makes this country to be one of the best place to be visited to study.


Facts & Figures

Population: 39.2 Millions
Capital City: Madrid
Language: Spanish Castilian, Catalan, Balician and Basque Religion: 99% Catholic
Currency: Spanish Peseta (pta) International
Phone Code: 34
Electricity: 220, 50Hz

Main Cities in Spain:

  • Madrid Arguelles is a place where family and student from Mondoa situated. The best gallery in Europe, Prado is situated here.
  • Barcelona- a famous town with the famous avante- garde architectural style buildings.


Big airports are spreaded across major cities in Spain, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Sevilla, Alicante, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Almerica, Santiago de Compstella, Bilbao and Balearic Island. For the under 26 years old passanger, there is a special ticke price if the travel agent service is used.

Renfe is the national railway service that operates in every region in Spain. For those of you who are between 12 25 years old a Carnet Joven ticket can be purchased to get 20 % discount for all tarifs.

This is the most effective way to go to far and to remote places. Eurolines is the major national bus operator in Spain and it is relatively cheaper than other operators.

Spain is one of the country in west Europe that has low cost of living. Tipping the waiters or waitresses is not necessary in this country, however 5 % tip is enough if you would like to tip their services.

Currency Exchange
You can change your money or travellers cheque in nearby banks or money changer. All credit cards are accepted in a number of restaurants and hotels. ATM (cajero automatico) can be found anywhere even in small cities. Pickpockets are very common in Spain, therefore you need to be carefull with your money.

The Spanish has the habit of drinking cofee or hot chocolate before they have their breakfast of Bolos (rolls) or Churos (fried corn). The lunch hour is at 2 3 p.m and usualy consists of variety of choices. At 9 p.m they will have supper which is a light meal. In spain restaurants normaly open from 8 a.m until 1 or 2 a.m. Good restaurants are marked with picture of forks. If a restaurant marked with five forks then it shows the best restaurant or the most luxurious. Good cafes or canteens normally marked with three cups.

In many restaurants there is a choice of selective menu like the plato combinato which is a combination of main dish, light dish, bread and drink, or the menu del dia which is two or three kinds of meal, bread, drink and dessert.
Bocadillos is a small portion meal (tapas), simillar to sandwich with very thick bread. This sandwich is the typical Spanish lunch.

Spanish Embassy in Indonesia
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 61 Jakarta 10350
Telp : (021) 335 136