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Country: Italy

Gondola, Venice, Kapel Michaelangelo, Pisa Tower and other beautiful buildings are only part of Italian fascination. A country that famous for the Renaissance art and the home for Pizza is an ideal place for studying Art and Design.


Facts & Figures

Population : 7,262,372 (July 2000)
Capital City : Rome
Religion : 85% Roman Catholic, 5% Jews and Christian
Language : Italian,
German and Latin on the border of Austria
French on the border of France and Switzerland
International Phone Code : 39
Electricity : 220V, 50Hz

Famous cities :

  • Florence, is the place of famous painter Michaelangelo, Dante and Medicis and also a town that is bursting with art and culture. Here you may find palaces or beautiful castles remaining from the historic Roman Empire, the period before century.
  • Venezia, Water city with its famous Gondola.
  • Verona, Town with loads of opera house
  • Sienna, Famous for the Palazzo Publico (Town Hall) which is the most beautiful Gothic building in this country.
  • Milan , The home for Italian and World Fashion.
  • Bologna, The origin of Spaghetti and Lasagna.
  • Palermo, City that keeps a lot of World War II ‘s history proof.

The international airport is located in Rome, which is called the Leonardo da Vinci or Fiumicino. There is a direct train to the Termini Station and buses every fifteen minutes or the taxis. It is suggested for students to use the train facility for domestic tranportation and within Europe because they are more secure and comfy than public busses. For those who would like to travel across the island to the neighbour countries like Greek, Turky, Tunise, Spain, Egypt and Albania there is the Ferry boat service.

The Sea
The International harbors that have connection to Italy are situated in Kroatia, Greek, Libya, South America, Far East, Malta, Spain, France, Tunise and Turkey.
Italian docks are based in Venice, Genoa, La Spezia, Civitavecchia, Naples, Messina, Cagliari, Bari, Pescara, Ancona, Triester, Palermo, Catania, Livomo and Brindisi. There are regular boat and hydrofoil service with destinations to Capri Island, Elba, Giglio, Sardegna, Sicily and to the islands of Aeolian

The trains
Most of the trains in Italy is electrically operated. The Italian State Railways (FS) is a national train service with relatively cheap fares. For students and anyone under 26 years of age you may get ticket concession of roughly 20% discount on any state rail fare. This is useful for those of you who like to travel extensively. A local train stops at nearly every station, the diretto goes faster but serves fewer stations, while the espresso stops only at majoy stations. The rapido, an InterCity (IC) train, moves along but costs a bit more.

Tourist Information
Ente Nazionale Italiano per il Turismo (ENIT)
Via Parigi 11, 00185 Rome, Italy Tel: (6) 488 991. Fax: (6) 481 9316. Telex: 624682.

Italian State Tourist Office (ENIT)
1 Princes Street, London W1R 8AY Tel: (0171) 408 1254. Fax: (0171) 493 6695. Opening hours: 0900-1700 Monday to Friday.

Currency Exchange
Travellers cheques and foreign bank notes can be exchance at the bank, train stations, airports and at big hotels.

The Italian diets are usualy consist of:

  • Antipasto - appetizer
  • Primo Piatto - main dish consists of pasta or soup
  • Secondo Piatto - second dish which range from red meat or fish that serves with contorno which is vegetables like salad, fruits or c cheese.

Butter and cream are used a lot in the cooking on the north part of the country while tomatoes are mostly used in the south part of Italy. Meanwhile, in Rome and other central of Italian cities the cuisines are considerably spicy. Drinking Capucinno on each meal is a tradition for most Italian. You can get cheap but delicious food from alimentari’s stores. They usually serve variety kind of cheese sandwiches. Take away hot food is another option and the price is reasonably cheap.