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Country: Netherlands

Netherland is one of the most beautiful country in the world, therefore, Landscape and The planology in Netherland is popular. The Netherland has a centuries old tradition of high quality education. Studying in Netherland means studying in an international environment in every sense of the word. Language speak in Netherland is Netherland, which Dutch (Germanic and Gallo-Celtic stock) is the majority. The religion in Netherland is Christian (60%) and Moslem (3%). Language is not a problem, almost everybody speak English and many study programmes are taught in English. Netherland is an inventor of Law school which has delivered lots of International Law Expertises. Besides that, Architecture Engineering subject in Netherland is one of the best place in Europe. Studying in Netherland also means being close to the worlds largest collection and variety of all form of culture and art. Live in the land of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and van Gogh. The challenge in the Netherlands is to be a team player and an independent thinker in the internationally renowed Dutch system of Higher Education . Dutch masters programmes corresponds with international systems such as the Anglo-Saxon, but also feature some important extras in comparison.


Facts & Figures

  • Amsterdam as a capital, is one of the most beautiful city. In this city you can see many interesting museums, galleries, and also amazing architecture buildings. People in this city like to spend their leisure time by having coffee or beer.
  • Harleem is a city which surrounded by fields of Tulips, Daffodils, and Geranium Flowers.
  • Leiden is the city of student, which occupies of its university, one of the oldest and most prestigious in Europe. Leiden brims with bookstores, bicycles, museums, and a few requisite windmills.

Euroline buses covered network to almost every cities in Europe, even to North Africa. You can travel to UK through France, by Euroline bus travel and Citysprint, but make sure that you have the visa. If you want to go by train, Amsterdam Central Station has regular and efficient train facility which could send you to neighbouring countries. Bus fare is relatively cheaper than train, except you already have the Eurail pass.

Exchange Money
If you want to change your money or traveller cheque into local money, you can go to Money Changer counters and Banks. Banks ussually give better rate, but the service sometimes quite slow. Another choice is by drawing money via the ATM.


  • FEBO self service fast food chain
  • Frikandel- fried sausages
  • Indonesian, Indian, Chinese food are available in Nieuwmarkt.
  • Rijsttafel is Indonesian mixed rice dish that is famous in Netherland.
  • Cheap restaurants can be found in Leidsepl, Rembrandtspl, and Spui
  • Plenty bakeries with reasonable price can be found in Utrechtsestr or south Prinsengracht.

Dutch Embassy Indonesia:
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. S3. Kuningan, Jakarta 12950
Telp : (021) 525 1515