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Country: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is devided by regions which consists of England, Wales, Scotland, North Ireland and the Isle of Man. Each of this region has their own uniqueness and special cultures. Britain is known for one of the best education in the wolrd and pays a lot of attention on education through organisations like the British Council that spread across the world. The majority of British Universities are own by the government.


Facts & Figures

Population : 56.7 Million
Capital : London
Language : English, Welsh, Scottish (Gaelic)
Religion : English Church, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Moslem, Presbyterian, Scottish Church.
International Phone Code : 44
Electricity : 240 V, 50 Hz

Cities in Britain:

  • London- Although cost of living in London consider higher among other cities in Britain, as the capital of England, there are plenty of entertainment and world famous tourist attractions in town. Places like the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Tower, House of Parliament, the Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Covent Garden and other museums and galleries are widely known in the world.
  • Bath- located on the south west of England. This town is famous for the Georgian style architecture.
  • Edinburgh- situated in Scotland. It has a beautiful hill scenery and famous for the annual festival of culture.
  • Liverpool – famous for the Victorian and Edwardian architecture style, the strong cultural identity and also it is the home for the legendary band, the Beatles.
  • York- magnificent cathedral, historic walls from the middle age can be found here.

Public Busses

It is a cheap alternative means of transport to travel around. National Express is the bus company that gives ‘Studen Coach Card’ facility with discounted tarifs up to 30% off. Beside that there is the Flexible Tourist Trail Pass which gives the opportunity of unlimited travelling on special days.

Other alternative is by rail. It is more expensive than the public bus but definitly faster. For example, from London to Edinburgh takes 4 hours by train whereas 8 1/2 hours by bus. To travel to other countries the BritRail Passes and Flexipasses is served for international tourists. However tickets must be purchased outside the UK.

Currency exchange
Travellers cheques is accepted in many major banks in Britain. The exchange bureau normally charge for commision for each transaction. ATM can be found in many places, and usualy linked with the Cirrus, Maestro and Plus Cash Networks.

Typical British love red meat, they have them not only for dinner but sometimes for breakfast. Meat dishes that commonly found are roast beef, lamb chops, ham, etc. Breakfast usually consist of orange juice, cereals, eggs, bacon, sausages, bread, butter, baked tomato, mushrooms.
Pub grub- is a set menu that usually serve in the pub or bar. It is cheap, fast and usually serve in big portion. Cities in England, especially in London offers variety of international dishes. From the local food, Indian, Lebanese, Greek, Chinese, Thai and Italian that is ready served and sold with reasonabe price.

British Embassy in Indonesia:
Deutche Bank Building, 19th Fl.
Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 80. Jakarta
Telp : (021) 390 7484