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Country: Germany

Germany is an interesting country for those who are interested in studying technique subjects. In addition, Technology development in German is excellent and credited all over the world. Most of Germany’s institution are also aware of the students financial needs. Therefore they set up a range of scholarships and fellowships that may save students a lot of money. Language speak in Germany is German, but some institutions has an international classes which use English a media language.


Facts & Figures

Population: 8.1 Millions
Capital City: Berlin
Language: German, but some institutions has an international classes which use English.
Religon: 90% Christian, 2 Million Moslems and 30,000 Jews.
Currency: Deutch Mark
International Phone Code: 49
Electricity: 220V, 50 Hz

Main Cities
Berlin- a capital of Germany, with a busy lifestyle sot that its called 24 hours city, which is full of events every month in night clubs and cafes. The main street in Berlin is Kurfurstendamm which connect directly to the shopping centre, shops and cafes.
Munich- is popular with Bavarian culture
Heidelberg- is where the Gothic Renaissance Castle is located
Hamburg- a modern city which has a lots of shopping centres, and many others, such as; Bonn, Aachen, Dussedorf and Stuttgart.

There are few options of transportation in Germany, one of them is using the bus. Bus is commonly found near the train station, which has network from Zentral Omnibus Bahnhof (ZOB). Another option is bicycle, people in Germany like going everywhere by bike. You can also rent a bicycle in The Fahrrad am Bahnhof near the train station which costs DM10-DM15 per day. Train is one of the favourable option, German Rail Youth Pass, which has rate DM310 for the age 12 - 25. For students, there is an alternatif, a Bahncard, whereas 50% discount for train and bus ticket (rate: DM130 age under 26 yr). Last but not least, motorcycle is also an option for transportation.

Currency Exchange
If you want to change your money, you can go to the Post Offices and GWK Exchange Bureaux (Money Changer Counter) which often located in airports and train stations and some of it open 24 hours. You can also change your money at Banks open Mon - Fri from 09.00 until 1600. Otherwise, traveler cheque in Deutschmarks is also accepted in everywhere.