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Country: Switzerland

It is a beautiful small country, which has so much to offer. The country that has been famous in the world for the hotel management study and tourism has four official languages, French, German, Italian and Roman. All of these languages are used in different regions of the country and students in Switzerland require to learn at least one of the additional languages besides English.

The advantage of learning hotel management in Switzerland is that students will get paid internship opportunity in an hotel or restaurant. The length of the internship is normaly around 6 months. Students are advised to know German or French so they can interact with their customers and employer. It is expected that students be able to grasp more knowledge from their training experience.


Facts & Figures

Is the cosmopolitan city, located on Geneve Lake which is the biggest lake in Europe. It is located on the French speaking part of Switzerland that is at the border with France. Geneve is the home of United Nation and other International Organisations.

It is famous for the Montreux Jazz Festival, which occurs on July. One of the attraction of this city is the beautiful palace on Geneve Lake, which called Chateau de Chillon.

A beautiful combination between a modern university town and a mediaval age town.

Population : 6,9 million
Capital City : Bern
Language : German, French, Italian, Roman
Religon : 29% Roman Catholic, 48% Christian
Currency : Swiss Franc (Sfr)
International Code : 4l
Electricity : 220V, 50Hz

Swiss offers a lot of traditional festival. For example, on February there are plenty music parades and carnivals on cities like Basel, Lucerne and Zurich, on July there is the International Festival of Music in Montreux and Lucerne which normally happens and on August in Luzern.

Swiss residents are used to travel by public transportation like train, busses, boat and funicular (sky train that takes you between hills). Public transportation in Swiss is famous for their cleaniness and cosiness. The Glacier express is one of the most well known train in Switzerland that is used to travel between cities. While inside the city normal busses may be used. The funiculars are useful in order to travel to the whole part of mountains in Switzerland. Students normally get special discounts for public transport by purchasing the half price ticket which valid for a year. Therefore, it is better to use public transportation since the taxi fare is relatively expernsive in Swiss.

Currency Exhange
Most type of travellerís cheque and credit cards are accepted in almost every part of Swiss. As usual it is better not to exchange your money in Hotels which would give you lower rates than the banks or other currency exchange media.

There are lots of variety of food offered in Swiss, you may find anything from Sushi to Paella in Geneva, however they will cost a fortune. So it is suggested to know how to cook since you can save a lot of money from buying your raw food from the local supermarket and cook them on your own. The Swiss- French speaking part is famous for the wide range of cheese and the way they are served. Fondue and raclette (melted cheese served with onion pickle and boiled potatoes) are the example for cheese serving . While on the Swiss- German part the food are more into German style. Something like veal with cream sauce or Rosti (big onion and potato hash brown) are normally served.

Swiss Embassy in Indonesia : Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav X- 3/2, Jakarta 12950 . Telp : (021) 525 6061